The Pink Tee benefiting the Tigerlily Foundation

The Pink Collection supports non-profits for the awareness, prevention and treatment of breast cancer and related issues. The Limited Edition Pink Tees are handmade and painted with white flowers on a beautiful shade of pink cotton.

Breast cancer sufferers and survivors endure emotional and physical scars. Every woman should be given the strength to feel beautiful regardless of size, color and health. Please help us fund raise for the continued strength and beauty of women.

50% of the proceeds are donated to THE TIGERLILY FOUNDATION

Tigerlily Foundation was founded by Maimah Karmo, a breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed at 32 years old. After her tough journey through and triumph , she began telling her story and dedicated herself to empower women affected by the disease.

The Mission is: To educate, empower, advocate for, support and inspire young women affected by breast cancer. To end isolation among young adult breast cancer survivors. To improve the quality of life for young adult breast cancer suvivors by creating vigilant self-advocates. To promote ferociously fearless females.

“I was touched by Maimah’s story of survival and mission to encourage women in their daily struggle with breast cancer. She enlightened me to the alarming and growing rate among young women under 40 years old. Her selfless dedication to help other women is inspirational and reminds me that we should do more to uplift one another.”

-Aidah Fontenot, Designer

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