Designer Aidah Fontenot Spotlighted in JET Magazine

Designer Aidah Fontenot is featured in the May 14, 2012 edition of JET Magazine for her “flexible fashions” for Maternity.

Aidah Fontenot: Designer’s looks translate from bump to post-baby body

By Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond
JET Magazine May 14, 2012 Issue (Wendy Williams cover)

Necessity was literally the mother of invention for Aidah Fontenot. It all began in 2008 when the expectant designer, based out of Washington, DC and San Diego, CA, couldn’t find clothing versatile enough for her tastes. She noted that her existing eponymous collection – which eschews zippers, buttons and clasps in favor of adjustable belts and ties – went the design distance. “My belly got larger, and I continued to be able to wear my styles,” she exclaims. “I wore them all during my pregnancy.” And beyond.

Fontenot found the styles also easily accommodate the constant 5-10 pound weight fluctuations many women experience. Celebs, including Gabrielle Union, are fans of the flexible fashions. Fittingly, Fontenot is expanding. “Fine art and housewares,” she lists as the line’s next targets. ‘This is definitely my passion.”

Become a haute mama, with tips from our expert.

Q: Can women truly wear your clothes before and after pregnancy?
A: One of my dresses is called the Cupcake dress. I shot it on a size 4, a medium-sized, a plus-size and a maternity model.

Q: What should every mama-to-be-have hanging in her closet this spring?
A: You may feel like your only option is the dress. But I designed a romper that is the cutest thing to wear while you’re expecting. In the latest collection, I have a pair of drawstring shorts that I really love. You can wear it after you give birth because it’s adjustable.

Q: Give us a sexy heel that pregnant ladies can rock this season.
A: One of the favorites is Shane and Shawn. Their pumps have tennis shoe insoles. Tsubo also makes really cute, comfy shoes.

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